Regional Development Australia Annual Summit 2023

Population and Prosperity

Regional Population Growth for South Australia – making it happen


Your host

Mike Smithson (Channel 7)

Friday 22nd September
Terrace Function Centre
Gawler Racecourse

Government, business, industry and community leaders came together recently to discuss harnessing the forward investment pipeline through growing SA’s regional population.

This followed RDSA’s last two summits which focused on workforce and housing.

The aim of the day was to examine what could be possible if we remove all barriers to population growth in Regional South Australia.


Summit discussions were divided into 3 sessions.


Laying the groundwork for Population Growth in regional SA


Focus on Place-Based Growth & Our Provincial Cities


Housing, Workforce, Migration & Planning

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The conversation on regional population hasn’t ended.

If what you heard at the summit stimulated thoughts, we want to capture as much of your ideas, suggestions and questions as we can. Together we can inform where the conversation goes from here.

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