Working in Regional South Australia

Tony Middleton

Manager of A1 Hire, Victor Harbor

As the Manager of A1 Hire Victor Harbor, I was having great trouble filling a position at our business.

Our requirements were quite specific, but upon talking to Richard and Oliver at Regional Development Australia I had 2 resumes within two days.

Both applicants were exactly what we were looking for and subsequently the position was filled. I was very impressed with the efficiency and service provided and I would certainly recommend anyone needing recruitment assistance to contact RDA’s Regional Workforce Program” Tony Middleton Manager A1 Hire.

Chathurika Jayamaha

Aminya Aged Care, Mannum

We moved to Mannum:) I just want to thank you for the Health Career trip to Murraylands on 21st April 2021, without which moving to an outer regional area would have been overwhelming, especially for an international student.

I was able to find a lovely house for rent too for my family, thanks to the wonderful higher management at Aminya.

We got here before all this tricky time:) and I got a casual position at Aminya Aged care, thanks to the trip, I was able to talk to the HR Manager, Karen and my husband was able to secure a job too.

Dan ( Udantha ) Herath​

Union Dairy Company (UDC), Penola​

A few months back I was a fresh graduate with a Bachelor of Science who was applying for jobs and was thinking of an approach on how to step into the industry.

In October Study Adelaide arranged an employment related trip to the Limestone Coast partnering with the local RDA. The RDA staff were thoughtful to provide me and my colleagues with opportunities catering to our specific industries.

I had a huge interest of stepping into the food industry. RDA Limestone Coast referred me to food related companies around the area and followed up throughout the process of securing my graduate job. They also provided me with resources about the area and referred me to other young professionals in the area. I am enjoying my time here in the Limestone Coast. It is a beautiful area with a nice welcoming community and with lots of activities to do. Thanks to the support received by the RDA Limestone Coast and Study Adelaide I am working on a professional job at a reputable company.


Looking for work? South Australia’s regions have work available all year round

There are many jobs available across primary industries, tourism and hospitality, health and trade sectors for both skilled and unskilled workers. You could be working outdoors on the farm, in a caravan park, in vineyards or orchards, working as a hospitality assistant, picking fruit and vegetables, pruning vines or planting trees. Prefer the indoors? There could be opportunities in greenhouses, motels and caravan parks, packing sheds and processing plants or cafes.

Seasonal and regional job opportunities

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Seasonal work

Seasonal work in South Australia has developed a reputation amongst travellers from all over the world as the best time for their lives. That’s because it’s one of the best ways to meet new travel buddies, experience new regions and get to know the real South Australia, all while topping up your bank account. Seasonal work occurs throughout the year and work can be taken up at any stage. Our farmers need you all year round!

Permanent opportunities

There are great lifestyle and financial benefits working in tourism and hospitality across regional South Australia – saving money, meeting new people, gaining unforgettable experiences and having an incredible adventure. You can find work at unique accommodation, world-class food and wine experiences, cafes, and country pubs, as well as diverse tourism operators, often located in the most stunning and iconic locations.

Leap into real work with hundreds of jobs on offer.

StudyAdelaide Tours

Regional Development Australia regions have partnered with Study Adelaide to take international students / graduates on tours to get a hands on experience of what it would be like to live and work in region. The purpose of these tours is to gather students from a particular industry field to match employment opportunities in region. Students have loved the experience so far, which has resulted in work opportunities in region. Here are a few case studies to showcase how well these tours have run so far.

Work available in South Australia's regions

South australia’s regions have work available all year round. See below for examples of the types of work available, or register your details to get notified about new positions.

Fruit picker

Fruit pickers select and harvest fruits according to size, colour and ripeness. Fruit is picked in relation to the type of fruit. Check the regional harvest calendar to see which fruits are in season across the state.

Grain worker

Get a seasonal job as a tractor operator, seeding unit operator, grain harvester or grain receiver worker across South Australian regions from April to January. You may need experience for some grain roles using farm equipment and heavy machinery.

Vineyard worker

From June to September you'll be manually pruning grape vines, pulling out canes, and rolling on canes to wires. You'll be trained in the correct technique and use of pruning tools.

Vegetable picker

Vegetable pickers manually harvest vegetables and mixed leafy greens on farms, working mainly outside in the field; or prepare produce for distribution, working mainly within an indoor packing facility.

Tour guide

For the naturally curious adventure seekers, with a talent for local history and an interest in aboriginal culture, being a tour guide in one of South Australia's twelve regions guarantees not an average day at the office.


When it comes to Australian gourmet destinations, SA is fast becoming the culinary hotbed of the southern hemisphere.

House Keeper

Enjoy meeting people from different cultures and take pride in creating immaculately prepared rooms.


From jumping behind the bar, mixing drinks, pairing wines through to being in the kitchen taste-testing, you'll be sure to hit the ground running working in an industry that prides itself on personality and individuality.

Financial incentives available

You may be able to access financial assistance up to $6,000 to help you relocate for short-term seasonal work, or a job in regional South Australia. For up to date financial incentives for workers

Contacts in your region

If you’d like to talk to someone about working, or employing staff, in the regions, you can contact a Regional Workforce Coordinator in one of eight local RDA offices across South Australia.

Incentives available

You may be able to access financial assistance up to $6k to help you relocate for short-term seasonal work, or a job in regional South Australia. Businesses may be able to access financial assistance to support quarantine requirements for the employment of Pacific Island workers.

COVID-19 requirements and support

There are measures are in place to ensure the health and safety of workers, businesses and local communities. Learn how to navigate seasonal and regional working arrangements during COVID-19.

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